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Application Forms Download
   Application for Casual Leave (CL) / Duty Leave (DL) PDF
   Application Form for students DOC , PDF
  Leave application cum advance form for foreign visit of student DOC , PDF
  Application Form for Maternity Leave (ML) for Female Students DOC , PDF
  Application For Bonafide Certificate / NOC DOC , PDF
  Teaching Assistantship (TA) Report DOC , PDF
  Teaching Assistantship (TA) Not Assigned Report DOC , PDF
  Form for continuation of PhD Program beyond FIVE Years DOC , PDF
  Application for Continuation / Extension of PhD Scholarship DOC , PDF
  Additional Rules for Defense Forces (DF), Institute Staff (IS) and Sponsored (SW) category candidates for the PG/PhD programs PDF
  Form for Sponsorship letter for applicants under IS, SW and DF category PDF
  Form for NOC for applicants under IS, SW and DF category PDF
  Form for selecting a Co-Supervisor from an External or Sponsoring Organization (if required) PDF
  Form for the employer for the candidates joining PG or PhD program on study leave under SW and DF category PDF
  Form for No Objection-cum-Sponsoring-Experience Certificate from the Sponsoring University College Institution for PhD Applicant under CT category PDF
  Additional Rules for CT category PDF
  Form for External Assessment for Conversion from JRF to SRF PDF , PDF
  Minimum publication criteria exemption form DOC , PDF
  Formate of latest list of publications DOC , PDF

Application Forms Download
  Template for MTech Thesis DOC
  Template for MSc Thesis DOC
  Form for submitting soft/spiral bound copies of PG Thesis (PGTS 1) DOC
  Report of PG Thesis oral examination (PGTS 2) DOC
  Submission of hard bound Thesis copies (PGTS 3) DOC

Application Forms Download
  Procedure for submission and evaluation of MS (Research) Thesis PDF
  Template for MS (Research) Thesis DOC , PDF
  MSRTS-1 form for submitting synopsis and softbound copies of MS (RESEARCH) Thesis DOC , PDF
  MSRTS-2 form for list of suggested examiners for evaluation of the MS (Research) Thesis DOC , PDF
  MSRTS-3 form for evaluation report of the examiner for award of (MS RESEARCH) DEGREE DOC , PDF
  MSRTS-4 form for report of MS (RESEARCH) Thesis ORAL EXAMINATION DOC , PDF
  MSRTS-5 form for submission of hard bound Thesis copies DOC , PDF

Application Forms Download
  Template for PhD Thesis DOC
  Report of The Open Seminar (PTS 1) DOC , PDF
  Certificates to be Submitted Along with the PhD Synopsis (PTS 2) DOC , PDF
  Request for Submission of Synopsis and PhD Thesis from Outside the Institute (PTS 2a) DOC , PDF
  List of Suggested Examiners for Evaluation of the Ph.D. Thesis (PTS 3) DOC , PDF
  Form for Submitting Soft Spiral Bound Copies of PhD Thesis (PTS 4) DOC , PDF
  Report of Ph.D. Thesis Oral Examination (PTS 6) DOC , PDF
  Submission of Hard Bound Thesis Copies (PTS 7) DOC , PDF

Application Forms Download
  CHECKLIST For Ph.D. Admission PDF
  Format of Recommendation Letter DOC, PDF
  PhD Statement of Purpose DOC, PDF
  Approval for Recruiting TA Category PhD Students DOC, PDF